Rock the House Entertainment offers the newest, safest and most versatile LED technology for your event lighting needs. Customize your reception hall to match your decor...from subtle to grand, simple to spectacular...let us help you create a visually stunning atmosphere!

Just a few of the advantages of our LED technology

  • Enormous array of color possibilities, continuous color fading capability, sound-responsive color changing capability
  • LED bulbs emit virtually no heat and consume a tiny fraction of the electricity normally consumed by standard incandescent or halogen lights.
  • My LED lights have 200 LED bulbs each – this means a brighter light with more color options from white, purple, red, pink, blue and so much more. Some DJs that offer uplighting still use halogen fixtures that get HOT or LED fixtures that have few LED's, meaning less color options AND the more units you will need to get the same effect you get with the units I use.
  • Remote controlled:  I use a master control panel which can make the lights change color, dim the brightness and dance to the music within seconds.  You can have multiple pictures taken with different lighting patterns in the background – no more bland pictures with that boring dark, colorless wall in the background – light it up with my uplighting service!

Exceed your expectations while staying within your budget!
Adding uplighting to your DJ package is amazingly affordable! Prices for most events can range from $95 to $395 (and higher for projects of exceptionally large size and scope).

Just listen to what industry experts are saying about decorative lighting:

“Without question, one of the hottest trends in event design is the use of decorative lighting. Lighting can create some beauty in a bland or unremarkable ballroom, or it can accentuate the features of an attractive ballroom. Each individual renting an event space has a different vision of how they want it to look for their event, and incorporating lighting into the design scheme is a very effective and dramatic way to achieve that vision. Furthermore, the visual aesthetics work in tandem with the subtle psychological impact of colored light to evoke an emotional response from the guests. For example, you can make people feel cooler with the use of blues and greens; and you can make them feel warmer by using reds, oranges, and ambers. The extraordinary impact goes beyond just the visual!”

For more information and a personalized quote, please contact me to discuss your needs & ideas.