Rock the House Entertainment is locally owned and operated by Ted Zoromski who believes that your DJ should be listening to your needs and not telling you how you should run your event or what music should be played.  I am personally involved with each one of my clients with each and every booking and back my services with a satisfaction guarantee – the bottom line is that if you’re not happy, I will work to make it right!

With 8 solid years of experience and a joy of listening to music since childhood – both the oldies and the new – I strive to provide my clients with a wide variety of music to select from for their event. While other DJ’s will allow you to select the music for your event only to ignore it completely on the day of your event, I stick to your selections. I personally guarantee that none of the songs that you selected not to play; will not be heard unless you personally say it’s ok. You are given an online planner that allows you to personally select what songs you want played during your event and I am the only DJ that allows you to totally control your event from start to finish!

What you will receive when you hire Rock the House Entertainment:

Professionally Dressed DJ: No matter what your event may be, I will be dressed professionally during your event. I even ask you what you would like me to wear at your event.  I will not wear a t-shirt and jeans.

Family Background: Clients enjoy having a DJ who treats them like part of a family. Rock the House Entertainment comes from a close family background which is why I treat every client the way I would like to be treated. This is your event - not mine - therefore, I work with you to get the ideas rolling to customize your event the way you want it!

Rates: Ever go to a DJs website and look for their rates, but they just aren't posted? Rock the House Entertainment posts our rates on each page that is catered to the type of event you are planning. These rates are mainly a "ballpark" rate - they do not include any discounts that you may qualify for. My posted rates will vary slightly depending on when you hire my services for your upcoming event. Your final rate can only be obtained by filling out my availability form with your event details.

Competitive Pricing: My pricing is comparable to my competitors; however should you get a better deal from another DJ and wish to hire my services, please let me know as I may price match their quote. Proof of quote and description of their service is required for consideration.

Clean Set Up: Everything will be clean and tidy for your event. My table will be covered, wires hidden and those that are on the floor will be taped down to prevent tripping. I will set up BEFORE your event starts so as not to disturb you and your guests should the music not start until later.

Professional Equipment: My equipment is all professional grade from the mixers to the lighting. You will not be seeing any aftermarket, store brand products in my set up.  The speakers will be up on stands and not on the floor like other DJs. We have a subwoofer for that.

Value:  Plenty of my clients have told me that they weren’t expecting what they received at their event when they hired me.  I believe in providing quality, affordable musical entertainment to my clients. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a great DJ!

I am NOT a “cheesy” DJ like my larger competitors. I do not offer games like tricycle races, quiz shows or other crazy antics that other DJs seem to feel the need to offer their clients for an extra buck. I know how to keep you and your guests entertained without having to provide these sometimes embarrassing add ons!