Q: What makes you different from other DJ's?

A: I provide every client the one on one attention that they deserve. I schedule one on one meetings around your schedule or you can opt to talk over the phone if it is more convenient for you. I never leave anything to chance and maintain all my equipment to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Q: Do you offer Karaoke?

A: No, I do not offer Karaoke nor do I have plans to pursue offering karaoke in the future due to costs.

Q: Will you be our DJ if we hire you for our event?

A: Yes! I do not double book events nor do I subcontract another DJ to work my events. However sickness can interrupt anyone's life-even the DJ, so I maintain close friendships with reputable DJs who could take over should the need be there. I try to arrange a meeting between you and the new DJ so you can ask questions about their personal abilities. In my years of service, I have never needed to utilize another DJ to cover my events.

Q: What can I expect from you prior to my event and during the event?
A: When you contact me for a quote, I provide a detailed explanation of the charges. My rates are based on the hours needed for the event, so if you don't provide enough information in your initial contact with me, I will ask for the additional information needed prior to giving you a quote. I will never go back on a quote and add additional charges after the fact. During your event, I follow your designated time line, follow your music request list and encourage dancing. I will never pull you away from conversation just to stick to your time line.

Q: Do you offer help with the planning process?
A: Yes, I do. I give you your own online wedding/party planner that will help you keep your event organized from start to finish. I am always willing to offer help whenever possible should you need it. I am here to help you and ensure that your event is done the way you want.

Q: Do you emcee the reception?

A: Yes, I do! From start to finish I will emcee your reception to announce the Grand March, dinner served, cake cutting, first dance and whatever else you wish to have announced.

Q: What types of payment methods do you accept?

A: I accept cash, check and credit cards. Checks must include your name, drivers license number and current address and I accept all card types. There is a small 3.29% fee for payments made through PayPal.

Q: When is the deposit due?

A: The deposit or retainer is due at the contract signing. The deposit or retainer is non-refundable and is required along with the signed contract to officially obtain my services. Your deposit is included in your price quote and will reduce the amount owed for your event.

If your questions have not been answered above-Please use the INSTANT ANSWERS option below and I will be notified immediately and will get back to you shortly(restricted to business hours).