My Guarantee

I have never had an unsatisfied client in my years of being in business, so we are extremely confident in our ability to satisfy your specific needs. My confidence stems from clients from the past who keep coming back to hire our services for their upcoming events which really says a lot about the quality of service I provide to every client I serve. I am here to serve you and this guarantee will hold me accountable for any mistakes that may be made before or during your event. There are only a few conditions in place to be eligible for my guarantee:

  • Online Planner: No event is ever the same as the last. You may like different music than the client I had DJ'd for prior, so I do require that you fill out your online planner completely in order to be covered by my guarantee.  This is the key to my success in properly preparing my services so they meet your specific needs.
  • Client involvement: Every client I work with is involved in the planning process as I do not operate like some area DJs who just come to an event with a pre-made music list and just press play. Clients are given an online planner where they select their music preferences and make their event time line for the day among a few other things.  
  • Conflict resolution: I use all client communications to mold my services to their needs and specifications, but nobody is perfect. Should there be an issue with my services, proper notice must be given to me so I can remedy the situation whether it occurred before your event or during your event. I will work to resolve the issue with the client to their satisfaction. I ask that you make an attempt to resolve your issue with us before submitting your end of event survey. Submitting your survey prior to seeking a remedy to your issue may bar you from receiving any compensation. PLEASE NOTE: Any complaints must be made within 7 days of said event to be considered for any type of refund.
  • Refund: Should any efforts put forth by me fail to remedy the issue, you may be entitled to a refund. Your comments regarding the issue(s) at hand will be considered as to who was responsible, if it could have been avoided and what, if any steps were taken to bring the issue to my attention on the day of your event.


These are some of the exclusions that do not apply to my guarantee fulfillment.

  • Weather: I cannot be held responsible for anything that is a direct result of bad weather - especially for an outdoor event. I plan my day according to the forecast on the day of your event to ensure that I arrive to the venue on time safely. Only when it is impossible or if providing services could cause damage to my equipment will I arrange to refund your money. If conditions improve and service time is shortened, I will refund you the difference.
  • Venue Issues: I cannot be held responsible for issues arising from the venue itself.  I cannot predict if the venue staff will arrive on time to allow me entry or if the venue happened to overbook the room which leads to a delay in setting up my equipment.
  • Dancing: I cannot guarantee that everyone at your event will be dancing.  I will play a diverse selection of music throughout the night and encourage your guests to dance, however some guests may choose to converse amongst themselves, yet still enjoy the music.