Additional hours & Services: Rock the House Entertainment gives you a great rate at the standard 4 hour service time and a small percentage off the cost of any add ons you select to include during your event when you book our services. No other DJ will do that!

Cash or Check payments: We accept credit cards and effective 8/01/2016, we're no longer adding a fee to any payments made by credit card. You can now pay your amount due by online check, credit card in person or online or in cash!

Military: Are you a current or former member of the military? Rock the House Entertainment THANKS you for your service! I offer you up to 15% off my services depending on when you book and what package you chose. A valid military ID is required for this discount to apply.

Off Season: Got an event taking place between October through March? Your event qualifies for this discount. Again, actual discount depends on when you physically book our services. The following HOLIDAYS are EXCLUDED from this discount: Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Schools: Schools may be given a discount if they hire my services for more than one event at initial booking. Discounted events must be concurrent unless we are not available for one of your event dates.

Repeat Customer: Rock the House Entertainment LOVES our customers so much that if you book us again for a future event, I’ll give you a discount!

Rewards Program


Rock the House Entertainment knows you love it when you’re rewarded for giving your business to local companies, so we offer a simple rewards program that gives you benefits! Rock the House Entertainment is proud to be the ONLY DJ company that offers its clients a rewards program – our competition rarely ever do, but they may give you a small discount on future events, but not the benefits we offer! My rewards program works as follows:


Referrals: Clients are given a bunch of customized business cards with their names on the back to hand out to people they know who may be interested in my services.  The card offers the referral a discount on my services and allows us to track who has sent us business.  If the referral hires us for their event, the party who referred them to us will get a check or gift card from us as a thank you once the referred party completes their event with us! I will contact the referring party personally to get their details so I may send them their check or gift card if they prefer.


Repeat Business: Are you a group or company that hold parties every year? This reward is for you, but there are strings attached.  This reward is simple – you are offered an initial discount on your first event you hire us for – this is a try us discount – we want to prove to you that we are the right choice for your future events.  You are then offered a LOCKED IN rate with the following contingency – in order to keep the locked in rate, you need to hire Rock the House Entertainment every year. This rate expires 365 days after your last event. If Rock the House Entertainment is NOT AVAILABLE for your next event, but you have contacted us – your locked in rate renews for another year.